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Our Function Room is available for private hire during our operational hours. The room has a maximum capacity of 80 people (max 60 seated at any one time). We are happy to hire out the room for the following: Parties, Work Events such as parties, seminars/meetings or training, Skittles (please be aware room capacity is reduced to 36) and sit down events such as a Wake, AGM or any other sort of celebration. We do get a lot of bookings for the room use so please let us know whether you would like to book as soon as possible.

Buffet options available from £8

Bespoke food packages are available

Private bar hire also available.

We do have a disco supplier which you’ll probably find a very fair price. You can however book your own. We just need to have their contact details in the run up to your party to discuss unloading and house rules.

Email us, message us on Facebook 

or call us on 01242862072

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